The Trashing Of Fans Continues

It’s been one year since I quit the Dodgers, and it’s now six years and counting since most people have seen a Dodgers game on TV. In an era when watching live sports is ubiquitous – literally ingrained in the fabric of society – the fact that the Dodgers make it impossible for millions and millions of people to watch their product is the biggest “fuck you” in the history of professional sports.

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Book Genius

I think I told you before that if you were to read a year’s worth of books and rate them all on a 1-to-5-star scale you’d find a shitload of three-star books. You would probably never run across a one-star book (no one sucks at picking that bad) and, according to my personal calculations, you’ll only encounter a five-star book, the Holy Grail of every bookworm, about nine percent of the time.

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When Does The “Warming” Part Start

The trouble with global warming is that, well, you freeze your ass off. Across virtually the entire continent, 2019 has been the year of waiting for the sun. Never has a globe so warm been so wet, windy and cold. So what gives?

The concept of global warming, the way they tell it in the papers, is that all the gas you’ve bought over a lifetime, the aerosol hairspray you used and that time you threw that aluminum can into the wrong-colored trash can means there will be an environmental apocalypse where there will be no seasons and no days under 100 degrees. Maybe that’s not exactly true.

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